While this year’s celebration of Italian Heritage Weekend and the parade will be different than any other, we can still dine outside! We encourage everyone to support North Beach and our Italian restaurants.

Small businesses are at the heart of our community and they need our help. While we encourage you to practice social distancing, the following North Beach businesses are open for takeout, delivery, and other essential goods.

Book your reservation for Saturday, October 10th or Sunday, October 11th or just come and get takeout to enjoy in the park and spend a day in North Beach!

Cafe Trieste

Classico Gelato

Mama’s – outdoor

Sotto Mare – indoor & outdoor

Liguria Bakery


Firenze by Night – indoor & outdoor

Sodini’s – outdoor

Caffe Baonecci – indoor & outdoor

Golden Boy Pizza – outdoor

Betty Lou’s – outdoor

Lush Gelato

Giovanni’s – outdoor

Mo’s Restaurant – outdoor

Tony’s Pizza – indoor & outdoor

Capo’s – indoor & outdoor

Piccolo Forno – outdoor

Aquolina – indoor & outdoor

Italian Homemade – outdoor

Portofino – outdoor

Molinari Deli

Cafe Greco – outdoor

Original Joe’s – indoor & outdoor

Caffe Capriccio – outdoor

North Beach Sushi – outdoor

Da Flora – outdoor

Pat’s Cafe – outdoor

Freddie’s Sandwiches – outdoor

Taqueria Zorro – outdoor

California Fish Market – outdoor

Park Tavern – outdoor

Tupelo – outdoor

il Pollaio – outdoor

Mona Lisa – outdoor

Victoria Pastry

Family Cafe – outdoor

Ideale – outdoor

Belle Cora – outdoor

Mara’s Italian Pastry – outdoor

Tommaso’s – outdoor

Le Sandwich – outdoor

Luisa’s Restaurant – outdoor

Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store – outdoor

Z Ciocolato

Curry Leaf – outdoor

Noren Izakaya – outdoor

Little Vine

North Beach Gyros – outdoor

Palermo II Deli

iL cilentano – indoor & outdoor

Scoma’s – outdoor

Cavalli Cafe – outdoor

Alimento – outdoor

Caffe Sport – outdoor

North Beach Pizza – outdoor

il Casaro – outdoor

Chubby Noodle – outdoor

Yarsa – outdoor

Don Pistos – outdoor

Barbara – outdoor

These are challenging times for the community, but we will get through this together just as we have done in the past.

Tutto andrá bene / All will go well